Investor Update October ’22

Clint Davis, CEO

October 14, 2022

Hello Investors!

We trust you and your family are well! We’re excited to share our third investor update with you!

We’ve included the Full audio presentation as well as the Q&A portion. For anonymity purposes, we have transcribed the questions and included our response in audio.

We will be continuing with our Investor Updates quarterly.

We appreciate you greatly, and are excited to share all this news with you

Investor Update


Are we aware of a website/app called Forever.com that has been around 9yrs? How will Capsll position itself in the market compared to Forever?

How do NPOs get in contact with us to partner with Capsll?

Who is the correct person to be introduced to within the NPO and after the intro who is the correct person to own the initiative?

What is some recent feedback you are getting from asking investors regarding the market? How are you pitching to get the close? How has that changed over the past few months?

Is there a specific impact or industry that we are targeting within the NPO space? Is there an impact we are trying to accomplish with our NPOs?

Have current users been increasing?

Is Capsll going to market to the general public?

Does Capsll have a soft target for paid users by the end of the year?

Closing Thoughts

Investor Updates

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