Investor Update April ’23

Clint Davis, CEO

April 20, 2023

Hello Investors!

We trust you and your families are well! We’re excited to share our latest investor update with you!

We’ve included the full video presentation below as well as some key metrics we presented during the update.

We appreciate you greatly, and are excited to share all this news with you.

Investor Update

This video is unlisted and privately stored on YouTube due to file size

Time stamps: 03:50 – Executed to Date | 08:50 – Category | 15:50 – Metrics & New Features | 21:50 – Finances | 34:15 – Roadmap & Marketing

Key Metrics Presented 

  • 22min 17sec average engagement time on app
  • 4.89% Conversion rate from free to premium (Saas industry standard is 3%)
  • 67% retention (Subscribers who have renewed their subscription)

Investor Updates

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