How to request and download all of your media from your Capsll account:

  1. Open Capsll
  2. Tap on the settings icon on the top right of the screen (3 lines)
  3. In the settings menu, tap the 3rd option “Download My Data”
  4. On the following screen, confirm your request by tapping the yellow button “Request a Download”
  5. You will be returned to the settings screen and you will see a confirmation.
  6. You should receive an email to the address you registered you Capsll account with
  7. You will receive a second email with a button to download your data. Please be advised that this can arrive anywhere up to 30 minutes after the first email depending on the size of your download file.
  8. If you have a premium account, please make sure to cancel the payments. If you need help doing this, please view the instructions here:
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