The private sharing platform for your meaningful life moments.

The social media alternative that promotes authentic connection and better mental health.

20 years in the making

We are living in a pandemic of disconnection, and it’s time to change that.

The two decade human experiment of social media has conditioned us away from meaning, and replaced your life moments with pictures of your salad.

Worse than that, this conditioning has contributed to alarming increases in loneliness, anxiety, depression, and self harm in adults and teens. 

In 1983 the camcorder was released & was revolutionary for saving our memories. 

Social Media conditioned a superficial response to these moments. 

Our intent changed from capturing memories, to creating content. 

We need new ways of engaging our meaningful moments in our digital age.

Introducing Capsll

A new platform for your meaningful moments

Active engagement with our memories feeds our self-worth and authentic connection with others, leading to better mental health.

Reflecting on past life moments bring us a sense of unique purpose in the world, and can be therapeutic.

POV behavior already exists and we are shifting this behavior toward personal life moments. 

“Capsll the moment”

A new platform for your meaningful moments

Collate moments in digital time capsules. Share Privately with selective permissions. Feel connected to yourself and your people. 

Got engaged

First steps

Fell in love

Finished Chemo

Capsll is committed to setting a new ethical responsibility in tech, with you as the priority

We already use our phones like this. Just add Moments 

“If we can’t find ourselves, we can’t find each other, and if we can’t find each other, we ultimately cannot survive.” 

Clint Davis. Founder / CEO

Moments That Make Us

Join Clint Davis as he talks moments with his guests

Join Clint Davis, CEO of Capsll and former international radio host, as he delves into the pivotal moments that shape our lives.

Clint explores how significant events influence our identities and connections. In a world of superficial content and widespread loneliness, he encourages revisiting these defining moments for deeper insights. Each episode blends personal reflections and engaging conversations, offering perspectives on the human condition. These are the moments that make us.

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The Capsll Team

Clint Davis

Founder CEO

Microsoft Certified System Engineer, former Radio Host and Program Director for 17 years to audiences of 5 million. Developed shows, talent, and culture focused on listener growth. Speaker. Podcast host. South Africa, Dubai, Australia, U.S.A 

Anton Devenish

Founder CPO

Over 20 years of experience in UI/UX design and complex technical project management. Award-winning professional recognized for outstanding projects across a global portfolio, including South Africa, U.K., Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Danny Tomsett

Board & Advisory

Serial Entrepreneur Founder CEO Ai Uneeq Digital Humans Fundraising, GTM, Product Strategy 

Brent Brightwell


25 Years marketing and product leadership; consulting and advisory to 30+startups; 6 public companies; 7 exits; $100m+ fundraising; 13 acquisitions; senior leadership roles at Hewlett-Packard, BMC, and EMC. 

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